In the past few years since i've become more aware about sustainability & ethical production within fashion, i've been doing my best to make sure everything i design and sell going forward is all ethically produced and is made from organic cotton, and recycled materials where possible, and i have phased out / not restocked anything that isn't. 

  • At the moment, 95% of all the t-shirts & tops on my store are made of organic cotton (the exception being only the tie-dye items) 
  • All of the items i have in stock at the moment are ethically produced (to the best of my knowledge) 

Here's some things that i've been doing with KIB since the beginning / for years now, and will continue to maintain:

  • I only have things made in small batches, small runs of 25/30/50 items in each printed or embroidered design.
  • I make a lot of items to order, so i only order in supplies to make them if they have been ordered, so that there's no excess stock. I also still hand-paint and hand make lots of items myself.
  • There is never any 'waste' - i never discard any items or returned items (i was horrified to find out how many brands do discard returned items or end of season stock that doesn't sell!) 
  • No 'seasons' or 'trends', i stock summer clothes all year, winter clothes all year, i repeat the same favourite designs year after year and only put out designs i love and believe in, and that you will love forever too! 
  • Since most of the clothes i make are every-day comfies & lounge wear, they're the kind of items you can wear every single day, for years to come, and get lots of wear out of! Which is the most sustainable thing of all, to re-wear and re-use and love the same items for years! 
  • I have only ever re-used bubble wrap when using it for packaging, I have never purchased any new.

I'm aiming to keep doing better wherever i can, and keep on making better quality items so that they last you even longer, and will keep doing the best i can and doing my bit!

My next aim is to have fully recyclable packaging, which i will move over to as soon as i have used up the packaging materials i already have, but i look forward to making that step ASAP!

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