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"Ok how amazing is this shirt to style tho? Incred quality - had it a year and washed well multiple times even with the dye. It’s breathable so perf in warm weather but also good under a jacket to bring some brightness to darker and gloomier days. I LOVE IT!"

- Sophie, May 2024

"My son adores his monthly parcels! My son is 5 years old and learning the world every day, these positive and beautiful affirmations however they come are a true delight and he is so happy when he receives them."

- Kimberley, April 2024

"I have just received my third subscription box now and I am so, so happy, I had to leave a review because if you are like me and have days where there are many struggles and obstacles, a Keep It Bright box most certainly brings light on them dark days!!! It’s the most perfect monthly box of positivity, and always puts the biggest smile on my face, filled with the best products, plus the notes are the best little addition. I subscribed to the Keep It Bright box three months ago and I am amazed by the products! Plus how it has brightened up my day today (it was needed!) I get the £19.99 box and it is definitely the best pick me up"

- Hallie, April 2024

"The best monthly surprise box! Finally Zara has made subscription boxes! I am so happy, every month I get a handwritten note and order full of lovely goodies and I just love it. I have been buying from KIB for (I’m pretty sure over) ten years now and every purchase I get is good quality, gorgeous colours and printed so well. Stickers can be re-stuck, I’ve spilt water on prints and they’re survived! Zara never skips on quality but as a small business she appreciates every customer for who they are. Thank you for finally doing a box! I would definitely pay more for for a bigger one too… anything Zara sends that I already have I gift to work friends or leave in public places for a pick me up for strangers, I love it!"

- Jess, April 2024

"A monthly pick up. I wanted to get myself a little treat each month and this subscription was absolutely perfect for me, l love my stickers and prints I get and I have them already I pass them onto friends so win/win a lovely pick me up each month."

- Dominique, April 2024

"Top quality and beautiful heartfelt messages and design. Love that the diary and journal are dateless and don't make me feel guilty for missing a day or a week & result in wasted pages. Every item is so functional and serve such a hopeful purpose reminding me to remember the little things, be grateful, set goals and ground in the present. Thank you KIB"

- Danielle, March 2024

"Such great quality and beautiful meanigful messages. Love love love this affirmation book and everything it stands for. Grateful to put money towards a heartfelt small business creation as opposed to generic mass production items that don't hold nearly the integrity and unique beauty this does."

- Danielle, March 2024


"I think this book is absolutely beautiful to read to your child especially. I read this book to my daughter every night and she absolutely adores it.
Letting my little girl know how amazing she is, is any mamas dream. Love it."

- Amy, February 2024

"The diary you NEED in your life! I’ve used the KIB diaries for years, not only are they beautiful but practical too. They are the perfect diary for keeping my life and thoughts in order which can be a tall ask for a neurodivergent mind. I couldn’t recommend these diaries anymore than I do!"

- Katie, February 2024

"so cosy. super soft nice quality material and very warm! also a nice subtle design for us more minimal gals. love it!"

- Annie, February 2024

"I'm finding this beautiful journal a really lovely way to unwind as part of my evening routine. Writing down how I've felt each day just empties my mind, I love getting it all out onto the page. I also love the 'my fave bits' section at the bottom of each page as I'm a big fan of the power of a gratitude list and thinking about all the good things that have happened each day is such a mood boost! As well as the practical aspects, the journal is really beautifully designed. In love."

- Rosie, February 2024

"These shorts (and the matching top) are incredibly comfortable and soft to sleep in and lounge around, plus the design is beautiful. I've had it in the wash and dryer multiple times, still feels and looks brand new! The quality is amazing"

- Angie, February 2024

"So soft, like a cloud I love these joggers so much!

Not only are they soft and pillowy but they keep me warm in winter and are still cool enough to wear even in summer, I love the message and the colour too, they cheer me up every time I wear them!"

- Angie, February 2024

"So comfy and great quality!! My fave!!

I love love LOVE this sweatshirt! It’s so soft and comfortable and it goes with everything. I can wear it at home and be cozy or dress it up to wear out! I love the versatility of this and the message “radiate love” is so powerful to me. The creators message shines through everything she puts her heart into."

- Maggie, February 2024

"Amazing value for money, my items fit perfect and the quality is the best."

- Nicole, January 2024

"Never had an order that’s anything but amazing, this is a beautiful well presented gift or treat for yourself (I pinched a bath dust hahaha) and I can honestly say it’s of such high quality."

- Nicole, January 2024

"The scrumptious colour is just the icing on the cake for this gorgeous sweatshirt . As ever, great quality and an inspiring shibboleth…. What’s not to love here ! Keep It Bright does exactly as it says on the tin - bright and beautiful inside and out. I’d have one in every colour and variety if i could …. Maybe I will."

- Clare, January 2024

"I and all My Family & Friends here & abroad, ABSOLUTELY LOVE, This Uplifting messages Calendar (and desk & wall Calendars of previous Years!) by Keep It Bright- They ARE truly the Best i've ever owned, year after year, they get better n better! I've stopped buying any other calendars since discovering these!!

..They are a POSITIVE ray of sunshine to Brighten our days, our Mind-set & Home !! Through the Months, whole Year through!"

- Nish, January 2023

"This top feels so soft! Gorgeous colour with a powerful message :) my new fave top to wear."

- Maeve, Decemeber 2023

"So cute! With uplifting vibes and messages!

I got the £10 lucky dip as an add on to my cart and its totally worth it! I got so much product and the items were all so great! I love the bookmarks, stickers of many sizes, the little leather stitch, a card and so much more! :) def got the bang for your buck!"

- Jessi, December 2023

"Love this shirt! I wore this shirt during the hotter months/summer and it's such great quality! I love the powerful message this shirt has. I also bought the sweatshirt version to use during the cold seasons. The print is great quality as well. Hasn't gotten damaged after washes. This is a 2-3 month long review from date of purchase so it days a lot about product quality."
- Jessi, December 2023

"Great quality with a meaningful message. This is a review after months of using the sweatshirt. It's gone in the washing machine a lot but the print is still in tact!I loved this message and it's meaningful to me specially with all the 2023 chaos going on. Really a statement shirt with great quality fabric! Go get it!"

- Jessi, December 2023

"Beautiful embroidery. So bright and the embroidery is amazing. Encouraging me to embrace all the colours in the darker days!"

- Karli, November 2023

"I could not function without these diaries!
I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve used them and refused to use any other, they just knock any other out of the park.The quality and love that goes into them is unmatched!"

- Holly, November 2023

"My favourite sweatshirt ever! I love this sweatshirt so much! It’s so soft and comfortable. I wear it all of the time! It’s my comfort sweatshirt."

- Sarayah, October 2023

"Great quality, great message. All of KIB sweatshirts are immaculate quality - mega soft and sensory friendly, that wash well. This is super comfortable to wear."

- Katie, August 2023


"Perfect gift for someone needing some self care! I bought this for my pregnant friend who was feeling a bit grim and needed some self care. She absolutely loved this set! Such great quality products in the set, alongside beautiful KIB products like the book."

- Katie, August 2023


"Mega neuro-divergent friendly tool. This is such a useful tool to help organise your days and weeks. The fact that they are dateless means that it doesn't matter if you forget to miss a week, you can pick it up again on the next page! I'm forever abandoning entire planners because I feel too guilty after missing pages, but theres no need with this one. The layout is great and there are lots of prompts to encourage positive thinking. I love this so much and have bought several for other people who also love them!"

- Katie, August 2023

"This is such an amazing book. My daughter and I enjoy reading this together and it has helped her learn about being kind to others. It is such a special book full of colour and even though my daughter is two it has really helped her learn how important it is to be kind to others."
- Emilly, July 2023

"Fabulous tee! I've ordered from Keep It Bright Kids before as its so reasonably priced and the quality is fantastic. This tee is super colourful, great to size up if you prefer the oversized look on your little humans. I'd certainly recommend."
- Jay, May 2023


"Love them. Just what i needed, will be buying some as gifts and i think its a good gift for anyone who needs an extra boost."
- PoeticFlower, March 2023

"Magical little book. I have days where it’s hard to prioritise my health and well-being and my mental health can make it hard to see through the trees. Zara’s book makes everything a lot simpler. I set myself a page each day I feel I’m not at my best and it distracts me from the negative. Helpful little suggestions from journaling to making yourself your favourite meal. It’s really helped me take my mind to a better place in and it does feel like a little treat putting everything into action. Book is lovely, travel-sized, smooth and good quality pages. Great for yourself or as a gift"

- Hollie, January 2023

"So soft and comfy. Bought this t-shirt a couple months ago and it quickly became a wardrobe staple! It's soft and comfortable especially for the working from home life and its washed really well!"

- Jasmine, January 2023

"Wow! My first thought as I tried it on! Zara always has the softest, comfiest clothing as it is. And these sweaters do not disappoint. They are SO soft and super cosy too! It feels like swearing a hug! So warm and comforting and of course look amazing! Radiate love in a super comfy sweater that envelops you in a little joy too! Absolutely worth the purchase!"

- Emmy, January 2023

"Fave hat i've ever had. Have the bobble hat in grey and love it! Super comfy & warm and probably the only hat I’ve had that suits me having never been a hat person."

- Becky, January 2023

"Radiate love and colour! I bought these for my mumma and sister and best friend in USA as they look so cool! Everyone compliments them and asks where they’re from. The colours are so pretty, so cheerful, uplifting and vibrant…never fading either! To radiate love with such colour is awesome! To uplift your mood, soul and others around you. I definitely recommend these for yourself or a gift that will be valued!"

- Emmy, January 2023

"A must-have! I absolutely love this diary! Reflecting on things I'm grateful for is the perfect way to end a day and having a daily reminder about incorporating self-care into my day is exactly what I need. The diary also helps me to zone in on my week/month/year goals and feel so much more organised. I'm buying these for my friends too as I think everyone should have one :)."

- Tilly, January 2023

"Comfiest T you'll ever own! Treat yourself to one! I promise you, you won’t regret it. These tees are the comfiest and softest. I’ve had one for about 7 years now and it’s still in top condition! They don’t fade or shrink and never irritate my eczema…a most welcome treat! Also make fab night tees too!"

- Emmy, January 2023

"Perfect gift. I bought this as a gift for my sister and she really loved it, I could see how excited she was looking through all the little bits! It’s an ideal gift if you are stuck for something a little different but still want to be thoughtful. I would buy as a gift again!"

- Natalie, January 2023

"Fave! The quality of this sweatshirt! It’s the comfiest thing ever, i ordered this to wear really oversized and I could honestly live in it. Looks beautiful on too and washes really nicely. Totally worth the price, i will prob treat myself to another colour." 

- Natalie, January 2023

"A fantastic little book of wonder! This may be small but it's mighty! This is great for those days where you need a pick me up. It's full of little reminders of self care, which is fantastic especially during these current times where I feel that we need it more than ever. I'd recommend this book to anyone and everyone!"

- Charlotte, January 2023

"Nephews favourite jumper! Living in KIB clothing myself, it was inevitable that I had to introduce my favourite little human to it too! And this hoodie is awesome! He had it in blue and wore it until he literally couldn’t fit his head in it anymore! They wash perfectly and never shrink or fray! So ideal for exploring little ones! I would recommend this to all those with little people…conveying such an important message all the while! "

- Emmy, January 2023

"A gorgeous sweatshirt. I absolutely love this sweatshirt. I get so many compliments about it too and even had a family member buy the same one because she loves it as much as I do. The quality is great and the colour is gorgeous!"

- Kayleigh, January 2023

"One of my faves.  Love this sweatshirt, one of my fave KIB pieces. So cosy and perfect when you're in a bit of a dip, great mood-lifter!"

- Trish, January 2023

"Happiness in a tee! I love this tee sooo much! As with all of my KIB items it makes me feel happy wearing it. Great quality, fun design and sooo comfy! Highly recommend"

- Anna, January 2023

"My favourite piece. I have been ordering off KIB for years and this is my favourite thing from zara. Haven't seen anyone with something similar wore for the first time at a gig and was stop more than 5 times asking where its from and the crop on it is perfect not to short. Stunning."

- Mhya, January  2023

"Fave sweater! Love this sweater! Wear it all the time for both work and relaxing. Comfy fit, flattering, heart warming"

- Ash, January 2023

"Perfect surprise! I really wanted the Protect Your Energy Sweatshirt and then I saw that I could order a mystery box. I spent £50 and asked Zara if I could have the sweatshirt. Zara was amazing and agreed. The package arrived and the other item was a hoody that I actually wanted too! I'm so happy with them both, the quality is great. I'd definitely order another mystery box."

- Kayleigh, November 2022

"Excellent as always! I ordered a mystery box as I just could not decide on what to order next, I am so happy with it. I'm addition there was a lovely headband included, this absolutely made my day! So so thoughtful!"

- Trish, November 2022

"Amazing jumper!  Purchased this jumper for my 2 year old, I ordered the aged 3 to 4 and it's perfect for her as I like thinks to be oversized. Delivery was quicker than expected. Quality is brilliant, washed a few times and accidentally popped in the drier once and this hasn't altered the size or quality! I would certainly recommend this for the little people in your life."

- Jay, November 2022

"This is my new favourite beanie! Super soft, cosy and very comfortable. Really cute and love the message on it!"

- Penny, November 2022

"My niece loves it and impressively quick delivery!  I bought this shirt for my 3 year old niece because she loves bright colours and learning what the words on her tops say and she absolutely loves it. Thank you so much!"

- Elaina, November 2022

" I can't say enough good things about this diary. I never used a diary before to log my day, how it went, feelings etc but I got this to try and help with my anxiety. The layout is perfect, including the space for each day, the positive quotes and the reflection spaces. It has been really good to look back each week and see what I've done and also to look back and reflect on my targets each month. I can look back and see that there was a massive shift in my mood (to a happier one!) from when I moved from an old job to my current job too and it's so nice to be physically able to see it written in front of me to really see the change to my mood and mindset. This diary has been amazing for managing my anxieties, taking the time to feel gratitude and make positive plans. You can also tell how much love and effort went in to producing it, so thank you Zara!"

- Sarah, September 2022

" I bought these a few months ago and they have really changed my day to day life since! So lovely to start the day with such a nice little burst of positivity and a reassuring reminder that I’m capable and important. The quality is lovely and they are beautiful cards. Couldn't recommend them enough. Thank you, Zara!"

- Morven, September 2022

" This is one of many items from my keep it bright collection . Love zara's positive quotes to remind me to be happy - and the clothes are super comfy."

- Danielle, July 2022

"Cosy & cute!  Totally in love with this colourway! It's super cute and vibrant yet still a calming combination of colours. The quality of KIB stuff is always top notch. As a UK 14/16 I always get an XXL which gives me a very comfy oversized fit. Always super speedy delivery as well!"

- Asha, July 2022

"Even better IRL!  I didn't think it was possible but this design looks even better in real life! The colours are amazing and the organic cotton is the softest EVER!"

- Karli, June 2022

"So uplifting.  As someone who's struggled immensely with their mental health these are the perfect daily pick me up. My kids love changing the affirmation daily and whenever one of us is having an off day we look through them and recognise our emotions are valid. They were gifted to me by my best friend and i'm so thankful!"

- Lauren, April 2022

" This book is PERFECT, my little girl has asked for it again and again at bedtime. The colours and message are everything! but duhhh, wouldn't expect anything less from Zara!"

- Hannah, April 2022

"Great gifts!  I love this bundle of prints, I add them to gifts for my friends and use them instead of cards!"

- Lisa, April 2022

"Lovely soft quality.  The ultimate dress to chill in, perfect at the beach / by the pool on hols and over leggings. The pockets are a great detail and I love the protect your energy message."

- Maeve, April 2022

"A bundle of joy!  Looove this bundle I got and I feel it’s such good value for money for all you get! I’ve been using the colouring book with my little boy and it’s so nice to use it together. The stickers are a big hit too, bright and colourful!"

-Amy, April 2022

“Where to start? I love everything which KIB stands for!The products are such good quality and made with such love & craftsmanship. I have several tees, tops and sweaters as well as the kids book & patches.  From the moment the order arrives (always beautiful packaged and received promptly) I feel empowered and every time I wear them, I hold my head that little bit higher. Fantastic brand, message and products. Long live KIB!”

- Robyn Cowling, April 2022

“So uplifting. As someone who’s struggled immensely with their mental health these are the perfect daily pick me up. My kids love changing the affirmation daily and whenever one of us is having an off day we look through them and recognise our emotions are valid. They were gifted to me by my best friend and i’m so thankful!”

- Lauren, April 2022

“Everyone loves these! I have both of these plant pot covers and have used them for plant pots but also for holding my boxes of incense, candles and bits and bobs. Everyone always comments on how lovely they are!”

- Lisa, April 2022

“This was the perfect gift for my Niece. It’s her new favourite and she is always so excited to wear it. Great quality, good fit and a lovely positive message.”

- Kate, April 2022

“Comfy cozy. An oversized KIB sweatshirt is always my go to on those days I wanna be cute and comfortable. This is my 5th one I believe and one of my faves with such a fun design.”

- Mary Leigh, April 2022

“Beautiful. The sweatshirt is excellent quality with a beautiful colourful design. I love wearing this jumper and spread some cheer.”

- Hayley, April 2022

“This little set is amazing. Zara picked the perfect crystals for what I needed, and the book is a brilliant size for carrying wherever, especially if you need a little reminder if you are having a tough day.”

- Lydia, April 2022

“Being a headteacher you can imagine how many books I’ve come across during my teaching years. Well… this one is one I’ll never forget and the most engaging! Made me tearful in places. The positive messages are real and exactly the world I want my baby girl to grow in, a kind world. Can’t wait for the next one! We will need to build the collection! Also the illustrations are amazing especially for babies as they’re drawn in. Colourful and brighten up your day. Great representation also!”

- Reena, April 2022

“I love love love these cards, the design is beautiful and the affirmations are on point. I randomly select one every day and have it by my side as I work, helps keep me focussed when the negative thoughts come in.”

- Hayley, April 2022

“I’ve had my eye on this for a while & really regret not buying it sooner! The quality is amazing - so warm, comfy & soft.”

- Leah, March 2022

“Absolutely love this jumper colour is so lovely and makes me feel happy just wearing it, always get a compliment when I wear it to which is lovely.”

- Hannah, Feb 2022

“This jumper feels so soft, love wearing it with a pair of leggings. I bought XL as just had a baby and honestly makes me feel so good. Love the quality of the ‘be your own sunshine logo’. I’ve bought most of my jumpers from KIB as I love the ethos behind it, Zara is so lovely and responsive to posts / Emails and I always receive my items next day. Can’t wait to buy for my baby now!”

- Reena, Jan 2022

“Bought this as a gift for my momma and she loves it so much, she bought herself 2 more in different colours the day it arrived! She gets compliments on it everywhere she goes and says they are the softest material. Like all KIB clothing, they wash super well and last so so long! Would recommend these to everyone! And the proof that they make the perfect gift for someone too.”

- Emily, Jan 2022

“Wow, so much packed in this diary. You can tell so much thought and care has gone into each page, with the little positive quotes, reflective pages and spaces each day for you to add self care and gratitude in- it really makes you focus on it which has such a positive effect on your day to day life and makes the diary really special. I have an academic 'life organising' diary for work and appointments, but I have been wanting to get into journalling lately and this diary is basically perfect for that. I've been adding my thoughts daily and I love the monthly reflection sections, really makes you think and will be great to look back at the end of the year to see how I've changed and how far I have come. Love it, part of my daily ritual now and feels like its really good for me.”

- Tiffany, Jan 2022

“I absolutely love this jumper its now one of my favs! It washes so well no fading or shrinking and still super soft! Will deffo be getting this in other colours!

- Hannah, Jan 2022

“I had this Sweatshirt on my wishlist for ages and it did not disappoint! I love the message and it is my whole 2022 vibe. When I wear it is a powerful reminder to keep going and show up to the best of my ability that day to work towards my goals! I LOVE the bright colours, it is sooo comfy and it washes perfectly! Great quality and fun item!”

- Anna, Jan 2022

“Every year for the past few years I buy the keep it bright diary and it never fails! They get better each year, absolutely love the monthly reflection pages, they help to keep me on track so much! Also love the daily gratitude section and the weekly positive quote. Never found a diary that even comes close!”

- Chloe, Jan 2022

“My fifth year with a KIB diary & I’d never not have one, they keep me organised & on track all year and every year you can see how much effort Zara has put in to it.”

- Katie, Dec 2021


"My new favourite jumper! I wouldn't normally choose this colour but I am so glad I did - I love this jumper and I wear it all the time (even though it's constantly covered in mucky paw prints). It's such good quality, has stayed perfect with all the washing that's been required while training our pup not to jump up, and is still so soft and cosy!"

- Amy, Nov 2021


"Another amazing sweatshirt! This is the latest KIB Sweatshirt purchase that I have added to my ever growing collection and as usual it didn't disappoint! Beautiful and soft material that makes me feel snug. I love the metallic writing on this design, it's stunning and it really makes it pop."

- Anna, Nov 2021


"I love the storms don’t last forever range - this is easily one of my favourite jumpers to throw on for a day out or just to lounge in. So so comfy, I’m a size 12, got a L so slightly oversized, goes well with leggings or jeans!"

- Jenn, Nov 2021


"Unreal value for money - I had a sweatshirt I was looking to treat myself too, but by paying for the £45 clothing mystery box (just a little bit more really!) I got a fabulous T and bobble hat too! It was so lovely that Zara let me choose the sweatshirt I wanted (the 'Focus on your goals baby girl' one - soooo soft and lovely on the inside) and then I let her choose the other bits because I totally trust her taste... and love everything anyway! The surprise made the purchase even more special As always when buying from KIB, Zara added a lovely personal touch with a little note in my parcel too. Couldn't recommend more! Brightened my day."

- Lizzie, Nov 2021


"I'm fully obsessed with this jumper. It's my favourite item of clothing! The design is incredible and the material and sizing makes for the perfect comfy jumper. I wear this with everything, lounging on my sofa, going to run errands and having dinner with friends. I've definitely had a nap or two in it as well. As I said, my favourite jumper ever."

- Asha, Nov 2021


"I purchased this because I thought the vibrant red would really stand out and help me to truly recognise my power; and it certainly does. I truly cannot explain but it is like magic putting on this shirt because you instantly feel powerful and confident! It helps keep me smiling and strong, and that means so much to me. I just love feeling powerful, wearing something so cute and comfortable, and being able to share that brightness with the world."

- Emmi, Nov 2021


"This baseball shirt is so so comfy, true to size with the fit and really great quality. The design, of course, is absolutely beautiful. Love it so much"

- Sophie, Nov 2021


 "I love my Powerful hoodie! It’s so true to size and amazing quality even after being in the washer it is still as amazing. Keep it bright brand is definitely one off my favourite brands!"

- Joanne, Nov 2021



"Absolutely love it. I love the wording on this jumper and the message so couldn’t resist ordering. I was really surprised when it arrived at how good the quality is and how comfy it is. 100% recommend!"

- Ursula, Nov 2021


"I adore this sweatshirt. Honestly I don't know if photos can do it justice because it shines so brightly in real life! Love this saying, which is why I knew I had to have this sweatshirt, and I love the contrast of the gold lettering against the black. Looks so so pretty and of course is absolutely so comfortable to wear. I'm 5'9" and I got a XXXL so it looks big and cute with leggings and I adore it! It can be dressed up or down and will always look amazing!"

- Emily, Nov 2021


"Absolutely love my new jumper, it’s the first one I’ve bought from KIB and I can’t wait to buy more! The quality is amazing, the design is lush, and the delivery time was super quick!! Definitely my new fave jumper."

- Amy-Leigh, Nov 2021


"This is my new favourite hoody! The quality is amazing, it’s so soft and comfortable that I basically live in it. With the cosy levels of this hoody combined with the gorgeous positive messaging, it’s like wearing a hug and I could recommend it more! Went with XXL and am obsessed with the oversized fit. I’m usually a size 14/16 and it’s still nice and big on me which is perfect."

- Molly, Nov 2021


"I honestly love everything about this shirt. It’s super comfy and the message on it is extremely important. I wish I could wear it every day because it truly speaks how I feel."

- Ashley, Nov 2021


"Finally treated myself! I’d been looking for this on and off for so long and I finally bought it. I’ve had comments on the school run about how nice it is and it’s so soft, it’s been washed so many times as I literally never have it off and it’s still as bright and soft as ever! It washes so well. Keep it bright hoodies are my fave and I need more! You won’t regret it, best purchase."

- Chelsea, Nov 2021


"The quality is amazing! I am always sceptical about ordering online but every time I've ordered from Keep it Bright I get what I see in the website! The quality of this sweatshirt is amazing, the print in the front has not faded at all and I've washed it uncountable times. One of my favourite sweatshirts."

- Fiona, Nov 2021


"Such a beautiful, fabulous and unusual sweatshirt, I've had constant compliments from so many people when wearing this. Really great sizing, looks amazing. Absolutely love this sweatshirt! Just amazing quality as always from this favourite company. 5 stars all the way!"

- Lydia, Nov 2021


"Best shirt everrrr - such a powerful message! Already bought it a couple of years ago - still looks great! Very nice fabric, feels so comfy. Thanks Zara for spreading love & awareness! "

- Linda, Nov 2021


"Feel-good clothing. I have this design in the jumper version and it always makes me feel happy when I wear it. I love the bright yellow colour and sunflowers are my favourite flower so win win! Such great quality, I love it!"

- Anna, Nov 2021


"I LOVE this sweater, I bought it 2 years ago and it’s still very much a staple in my wardrobe, especially in spring. The material Zara uses is so soft and such good quality, to say I wear it all the time it’s not bobbly, I got the sweater in white and it’s literally still a pristine white colour, it washes really well it’s still so soft and hasn’t stretched or shrunk. I love the design too, I get so many comments on it and people always ask where it’s from"

- Becky, Nov 2021


"Amazing product. This is a high quality product designed with love. The fit is true to size. Felt amazing in it. Definitely would recommend."

- Helena, Nov 2021


"My favourite t-shirt! I love this t-shirt so much that I wear it at least several times every week. The saying has always been one of my favourites, and I think this design is absolutely stunning! In fact, I got this same design in green, too, because I love it SO MUCH! Always makes me feel strong and happy when I wear it, and the organic fabric is soooooo comfortable! Highly recommend!"

- Emmi, Nov 2021


"I brought each of my friends a bracelet and fit it inside a card and posted it off for a surprise little pick me up. Everyone loved it!"

- Sophie, Nov 2021 


"I absolutely love this hoodie as it inspires me even when wearing it! It reminds me to keep true to myself be fierce! Amazing quality and fit as usual!"

- Joanne, Nov 2021


"Stunning print! The quality of this print is fantastic. Such a beautiful design and looks absolutely amazing in a mounted frame, I always get compliments on it!" 

- Molly, Nov 2021


"This is the perfect cosy jumper. Its so soft and the colour is a gorgeous vibrant cherry red! The embroidering is great quality. Definitely one of my wardobe favourites!"

- Jess, Nov 2021


"As a music content creator I'm always looking at strong, eye-catching designs to wear in my videos and live streams. My "Powerful" hoodie was a favourite almost immediately! Clean and striking design, stylish colours and comfortable to boot. I'm a XXL and mine fits perfectly. Grab one while you can - the service never fails to impress and you'll be a member of the KIB family in no time!"

- Ben, Nov 2021


"Gorgeous design, great quality. Arrived the next day which was super speedy delivery and I love how soft these sweatshirts feel. Gorgeous colour with cute unique design that puts a smile on my face."

- Maeve, Sept 2021


"Gorgeous vest top! And perfect service. All my questions were answered near enough immediately, so lovely and kind and delivery was quick! Beautiful business."

- Hannah, July 2021


"100% recommend. The softest sweatshirt I've ever worn, it's so comfortable. Easily my new favourite piece!"

- Megan, May 2021


"Bought this as a gift for a friend who was going through a rough time. It was shipped and delivered within 2 days. Zara wrote a personalised message for my friend and she absolutely loved it!! Cheered her up to no end."

- Rachel, March 2021


"You won't ever want to take it off! If you're anything like me and don't like the chill of getting out of bed in the morning...then this is the cosy jumper for you. It's like wearing your duvet all day and whilst still feeling chic. The colour is so fresh. The material is great quality - I was chilling in it for days and it had no marks on it. I've washed it and the inside is still super soft and fluffy. I bought an XXL and am a UK size 14 - it's baggy on me and the sleeves are a little long, but I love it!"

- Sarah, Dec 2020


"I buy this every year without fail!!! Absolutely LOVE the KIB diaries, I get one for Christmas every year and am always sooo pleased with it! Love the sections to reflect and practice gratitude! All of the positivity you need in one beautiful diary! 100% recommend!"

- Molly, Dec 2020


"Really comfortable and cosy! I absolutely love this sweatshirt, it’s a beautiful colour and really comfortable. I’ve had mine for ages and even after being washed it hasn’t changed colour! Amazing quality and perfect for winter."

- Zaynab, Nov 2020


"Super soft and worth every penny! Yet another amazing t-shirt added to the collection Beautiful design and amazing quality. I always size up for the ultimate chill vibes as they are so soft and perfect to lounge in!"

- Karli, Nov 2020


"Gorgeous & bright! Love the bright design on this and looks even better in person! Has stayed super bright after several washes too. Really good fit and comfortable too!"

- Amy, Nov 2020


"Sizing of the new XXXL shirts and the quality on the organic fabric are unreal. Being honest I wouldn’t spend this much on a T-shirt usually but I’m so happy I did. This tee makes me feel like I could roll out of bed put this on and look and feel great. I originally bought the white one but bought the black and pink colour also because I loved the original purchase so much. I love the colour of the pink, it’s really beautiful and the fabric is so soft."

- Hollie, July 2020


"This is the best purchase I have ever made. I am around 5ft and ordered a large which is perfect as I wanted it baggy but not quite a dress. The fit is honestly great, the quality is amazing and the print is beautiful!! Zara (the owner) is so kind and helpful! I will definitely be ordering more from keep it bright!" 

- Ellie, June 2020


"This is the most beautiful sweatshirt. So comfortable, and goes with everything. Washed really well and is still as comfortable as the first time I wore it! Will definitely be buying more in different colours! Zara is insanely talented and radiates love, which is reflected in every way through her products."

- Bekki, April 2020


"The most snuggliest jumper i own! So comfy and cosy - gorgeous colour and fit! Feels so much more expensive than the price. Got size advice from the the lady herself - so helpful."

- Steph, April 2020


"Comfiest ever! Bought for pride weekend, worn nearly every day since. Zara understands that spreading these messages aren't just for pride weekend, and has printed them on tons of comfy clothing for us. I've machine washed it a million times and it's still in 10/10 condition!"

- Katie, March 2020


"This is my favourite of the new collection, it is rarely off my back except to wash it, it makes me feel happier just by putting it on and I get lots of compliments from strangers about it. Comfy and versatile, highly recommend!"

- Holly, March 2020


"This is one of the first organic cotton products I got, and I could not be happier with it. I was absolutely blown away by how soft it is!!! Sometimes it seems like certain shirts don’t get super soft until you wash them, but this one is so comfortable it feels like I’ve had it for years! And I love the “powerful” message. I truly do feel more powerful when I wear it. And I wear it all the time: with jeans during the day, with fancy leggings at night, and then with pajama pants at bedtime!!!"

- Emmi, March 2020


"I love the feel of this shirt, and the fit is really nice, I have quite broad shoulders and back but I feel like this shirt hides that and makes me feel really confident wearing it. Its good quality too, I’ve had it for about 5 months now and it still feels new."

- Zavia, March 2020


"Feeling like a rockstar! I don't have this exact jacket because Zara makes them one of a kind, but I have one similar and I ALWAYS get compliments every time I step out of the door. The fit is also perfect for layering with sweatshirts and hoodies."

- Mary-Leigh, March 2020


"Wearing it makes me smile. Can’t bare to put it in the wash and be without it for a day! Every time i wear this I have people stop me in the street to share their love for this jumper and ask where they can buy one. Also super comfy and versatile."

- Katie, March 2020


"This sweatshirt is so cosy and soft, just really nice material, looks exactly like the picture and amazing on - overall really happy with the purchase and to spread good vibes!"

- Megan, March 2020


If you'd like to see hundreds of pictures of happy Keep It Bright customers wearing their fave purchases, be sure to check out the various 'You Babes' story highlights on the KIB instagram page!