Why work with me?

Hey I'm Zara! After 16 years of creating & running every aspect of my own small business Keep It Bright and building a successful brand for myself, i thought it was time to share my expertise, experience & years of learning with you, to help make your small business journey much easier & reach your goals faster! 

I get it, you're busy making the things you're great at making, and everything else you need to do to grow your business seems to be endless, overwhelming & hard to get the hang of - it can be really difficult to navigate when you're doing it alone, but i'm here to support you along the way and show you how to take things to the next level!

Having an experienced advisor really is invaluable when it comes to growing your business; to help you to spot things that need fixes, obstacles that might be stopping you from getting sales or getting ahead, and to provide support you when you really need it!

I'm a casual talker (no jargon or judgement!), i want you to feel empowered, capable & confident in your business, and I'm super passionate about helping others to do well - i can't wait to see you smash it! 


How can i help you?

No matter where you're at in your small business journey, i can provide guidance, help you to make an action plan and find solutions for your problems.

My knowledge is mostly applicable to: product-based small businesses, designers, crafters, makers, handmade businesses & clothing brands, but i may be able to assist with other kinds of small business advice too - why not book in a free 15 minute consultation call with me to see if i can help you on your journey? 

Here are some of the areas i can help you with:

creating & optimising your website | all things social media | content ideas | etsy | building a brand | building a community | branding & aesthetics | picture & video editing | taking your brand to the next level | marketing | logo design ...& pretty much all other aspects of running your own brand! (as well as sharing all of my suppliers & recommendations with you)


Services, packages & pricing:

15 minute intro call - FREE

A quick call to introduce me to your brand & what you need; i can recommend which of my packages would be the best fit for you & how i can help you.


30 min questions call - £49 

I will answer any specific questions you have within the 30 minute call.

- This is also a great follow-up service after a bigger package.


30 min social media audit - £49

I will go through your social media platforms and audit them for you, providing solutions, fixes & suggestions for you to implement. 


30 min website audit - £49

I will go through your website & audit it for you, providing solutions, fixes & suggestions for you to implement. 


45 min audit & questions call - £75

I will run through advice i have prepared for your website OR social media with you, and answer any questions you have within the time frame too.


1 hour small business audit call - £99

I will run through advice i have prepared for your website AND social media with you, and answer any questions you have within the time frame too.


1 hour consulting call - £99

A great call to start with - we can discuss your business, plans, hopes & dreams at length, i will provide some suggestions, problem solving, ideas & help in the areas you need it, and we can make a quick plan of action. 

- As a follow-up call, this 1 hour session is the perfect place to evaluate progress, build on what we're already working on, ask questions, get advice or move on to the next step. 


2 hour consulting call - £179 (save £20!)

A thorough, in depth consultation & work session where we can really get into all aspects of where your business is at, identify problems, i will provide suggestions & solutions for all areas of your business & growth, make a plan of action, as well as answer your questions with more time.


4 x 1 hour coaching calls package - £349 (save £50!) 

Perfect for small business owners who want to stay accountable, really get on top of those goals, take it to the next level or really see some growth! 

Book in a package of 4 x 1 hour coaching calls, i recommend spacing them out either weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your schedule.

These calls are great for working step-by-step together and to really have my support every step of the way.

The format of these calls will be based on the action plan we make together, but they can be based around any of my areas of expertise and you can ask as many questions as you like within the time frame. 



Here's some reviews from other small business owners i've already helped:


“I booked a zoom call with Zara the second I saw she was starting to mentor! After years of following her and watching her business progress, I knew that she would be filled with the knowledge and inspiration I needed as a complete beginner in the world of branding/creation.

I sent Zara some questions to discuss in our call as a heads up and she was a book of knowledge. She has given me so much advice, guidance and recommendations and didn't hold back on any of it. I've come away clear on how to get started as a brand new business and I no longer feel stuck on where to begin. Thank you so much Zara, looking forward to our next call once I've completed the steps you recommended! You are a mix of pure creative talent and a good soul all in one.” 

- Morgan 

“Zara helped me immensely when I started up my small business selling kids play kits. She gave advice on improving all aspects of my Instagram - after making all the suggested changes I noticed a massive improvement in engagement on my page.

Zara also helped me in starting up my own website & Etsy page, to promote & sell my products on multiple platforms - which I found really beneficial.

Despite her endless wealth of insight & knowledge around everything small biz, the biggest compliment I can give Zara is how comfortable she made me feel. As someone with anxiety I felt super calm & relaxed talking over ideas with her and that is invaluable to me!” 

- Amy, Little Sprout

“Zara helped me to improve my Instagram at a time when I was feeling stuck with it all! She was so approachable, down to earth & explained things in a clear way. 
She has an eye for detail and made some great suggestions for how I could improve my reach and engagement by realistic & achievable improvements in my content. 
Zara also helped me optimise my bio which allowed more people to find my business. It was a great session!” 

- Bianca, Fun Themes

“Zara! Thank you so much for consulting me on my business, your every effort to make everything work for me was/has been exceptional! I would highly recommend your service! Most definitely a 10/10 from me!”

- Pamela 

“The helpful advice for marketing and how to increase my social media presence from Zara was mega informative and encouraging as well, and I’m still using the techniques she gave me, in how i engage with accounts and structure posts. 

Zara has a beautiful approach on how to help people and I love that she dedicated her time with me as i can imagine trying to organise advice into a short zoom call is difficult.” 

- Sarah Louise Tattoos

“I've been following Zara's gorgeous brand for a while after being introduced by a friend & I'm totally in love with her philosophy of positivity. I jumped at the chance to grab a session after struggling with confidence & lack of action after being made redundant during mat leave after having my first baby. It really gave me the kick up the bum I needed to take some action on my creative goals. I later signed up for a 12 week creative writing course & I'm now awaiting publication of an anthology featuring my work, I am back at work & have some plans in place to take some of my creative ideas forward. Zara is inspiring, real and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.” 

- Jennifer


“Zara’s approach was kind and constructive with attention to detail and understanding of my brand!  As someone who isn’t confident with Social media or digital platforms, Zara’s advice was more than welcome and very useful. I would highly recommend.” 

- Eden Keshia


“I first met Zara at Romiley Village Market - she was my neighbour trader - we got chatting & immediately I could tell she was super friendly & very approachable, especially with it being my first time at this particular market & Zara having experience in being there previously. 

She viewed my social media (after giving me a follow, obviously) & immediately identified gaps in my profile. Zara helped me understand the gaps & plugged them in with her expertise. Massive thank you.”

 - The Samosa Guy 

"Zara, thank you again for our session. Your direction is so clear, friendly & helpful."

- Kacea

Unsure which package to start with or ready to get started working with me?

Jump into my instagram DM's for a quick chat (@keepitbright) or drop me an email at or use the contact form below to book in a free 15 min intro call with me so i can recommend what would be the best fit for you!

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