I'm available to talk at events, charities, schools, on podcasts, radio shows & more.

I speak about: starting a business from nothing at 15 years old, going from a hobby in a tiny bedroom to dressing some of the biggest celebrities in the world, how important self-belief, self-care & self-love have been for me, how positive thinking saved my life, running a one-woman-brand.

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I'm also available to run workshops.


Previously worked with:

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Costume Gallery, BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio Manchester, State Talking, RECLAIM, Enterprise Nation, Anything Is Possible Conference, International Womens Day Festival, Female Empowerment Manchester Events, Levenshulme Girls School, Manchester Academy, Withington Girls School, The Reporters Academy, The Youth Forum, Liverpool Hope University, Leeds University, The Manchester College, Trinity House Community Centre & many more..



"I admired how honest and humble Zara's journey was, she went from having ambitions in her small bedroom to owning a renowned company. Additionally, she shared how she grew up without a lot of money which really illustrated her sincerity and made things feel more real/intimate." 

"It was great to see that despite all her success, she stayed loyal to the brands purpose which was to empower and uplift. 
Something useful that I learnt was to be patient, Zara grew her business in the span of 15 years which takes a lot of endurance. This has inspired me as it's very easy to give up when you don't succeed straight away."

"Today's session went great, and I absolutely loved it. I'm astonished by when she mentioned she was only 15 when she started in a small bedroom and now celebrities wear her clothes. I learnt that you don't have to be perfect all the time, just work hard and you will get a reward at the end."

"Today's session was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. I got to know more about fashion designing and how you can really start the biggest thing from the tiniest place. One thing that i found useful was that people can still make money by having fun and doing something they like. And as zara said, not everything is about money for some people. "

- Students, Levenshulme High School

"Zara is utterly sincere when discussing positivity. It became her way out of the darkest of times. It might sound overly simplistic: think positive and the rest will follow. But that became so integral to how Zara flourished from an angst-ridden teenager to a woman realising her dream career, that she feels compelled to spread the word. Anyone tempted to think the 27-year-old commoditised the ‘positive-thinking movement’ for the new Instagram generation to boost her successful lifestyle brand should reconsider. She talks with authenticity about how, above all else, she wants to help young women just like her who need something to help them through bleak times."

- Liverpool Hope University


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