An positive, thoughtful gift guide for: dads & uncles

So the festive season is upon us, and with Christmas in the near distance i thought i'd put together a few quick gift guides incase you're stuck for ideas for what you give your loved ones!
I think that the following items would be uplifting & cheerful gift ideas for your dads & uncles*, i hope they help you!  (*of course these are just some generalised ideas - your person might not be into these kind of styles, but i think most of them would make lovely, uplifting gifts for pretty much anyone!) 
The perfect gift for vinyl lover dads & uncles - keep their record player looking sharp with this slipmat! A unique gift bearing a positive message for any music lover! 
The strong men in your life need positive reminders too, and this one comes in the form of a classy embroidered side-chest design! Comfortable, smart & stylish, but not what you’ll find on the high street - these sweatshirts make a great gift. 

An even more low-key version of it’s navy counterpart - the grey marl version of this sweatshirt is super-cool and casual.
Even the strongest-seeming people in your life will have their bad days, and when they do, having a desk calendar full of positive affirmations & uplifting reminders like this one, can really help to lift their mood! Perfect for their office desk or work from home desk, these calendars are a thoughtful gift. 

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When you get someone a gift from my store; you are giving them something most likely unique, that they don't already have, something made with love & thought behind it, gifts that will keep giving all year long, and help to keep their moods and days brighter, all whilst supporting a small business!
What a win-win!

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