An positive, thoughtful gift guide for: mums & aunts

So the festive season is upon us, and with Christmas in the near distance i thought i'd put together a few quick gift guides incase you're stuck for ideas for what you give your loved ones!
I did a survey recently to ask my own customers who they found most difficult to buy gifts for, and decided to base my posts off their answers, as maybe that's who you need to see a gift guide for too!
One of the top 2 most common answers was 'mum' - so this blog post is aimed at uplifting & cheerful gift ideas for mums / step-mums / aunts / female family friends / grandmothers*, i hope they help you.  (*of course these are just some generalised ideas - your person might not be into these kind of styles, but i think most of them would make lovely, uplifting gifts for them!) 


 embroidered sunflower sweatshirt
This sweatshirt (& design in general!) seems to be very popular with mums - i can't really pin-point why, but in my personal experience, sunflowers are my own mums favourite flower - and she can't get enough of wearing this design! The design on these sweatshirts is embroidered, not printed, for a luxurious touch. They are available in a bunch of lovely colours, and are of course lovely quality to match - 80% cotton, ethically produced & an uplifting affirmation to see daily, these sweatshirts make a cheerful gift for any special woman in your life! 
Click here to browse the Be Your Own Sunshine collection.
The Keep It Bright wall calendar always seems to be a great option for most people in your life, because who can't do with more positive reminders?! And a calendar too, of course.. A present that will actually be useful to their daily life, and help to uplift their mood & brighten up their home!
 Positive desk calendar
The smaller, free-standing version of my 2022 calendar - each design is hand-painted by me and features a hand-picked positive affirmation for each month. Perfect for brightening up a work-from-home or office desk, or easily placed on a shelf! 
 Positive gratitude diary
This dateless diary / planner is the ultimate gift that will keep giving all year long (and likely one they will be very thankful for after using!) - this positive planner has spaces for staying organised, grateful, looking after yourself, reflecting & an uplifting reminder for each week too, of course! 
 Affirmation hoodie
This hoodie is a top pick for your mums & aunts because of the message; kind, fierce, brave! An empowering choice for the strong women in your life, and a super cosy, great quality hoodie for them to love wearing. Available in lots of colours, this design is also available on t-shirts & sweatshirts.
Click here to browse the Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit collection.
 Wooden sunflower decoration
This cute little wooden decoration piece is a super cheerful, unique gift, and can be placed on a shelf, windowsill or desk as an uplifting daily reminder!
 Powerful hoodie
Another empowering gift idea, my Powerful collection is perfect for the badass women in your life! Comfortable, lots of gorgeous colours to choose from, available in hoodies and t-shirts. 
 Sunflower bobble hats
Give the gift of warmth, cosiness & a cute design with one of these embroidered bobble hats, perfect for wearing all winter long! 
When you get someone a gift from my store; you are giving them something most likely unique, that they don't already have, something made with love & thought behind it, gifts that will keep giving all year long, and help to keep their moods and days brighter, all whilst supporting a small business!
What a win-win!
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